Live cd / alt cd in Xubuntu

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Tue Jan 9 03:51:18 UTC 2007

xubuntu-devel-bounces at 写于 2007-01-09 11:42:31:
> It would still run normally as a liveCD but it would have an option
> to text install... but i think loading into RAM might not be a good
> thing for old computers... but i can't think of anything else it
> could do while extracted other than RAM as there is nowhere else to
> extract it to.
> Please tell me if i'm a crazy person for suggesting this.
> ~Alex--

All you meant is possible but that requires double the space.

If you'd want both LiveCD and text install. Just burn both of them, and
that costs no more than $0.5 for me.

Doing things like "extrat packages into RAM and run" is possible, but no
one would pay for that, and no one have the motivation. -- If $0.5 can
solve everything, why bother do lots of programming for something

Pan Shi Zhu.

Sincerely, Pan, Shi Zhu. ext: 2606

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