Live cd / alt cd in Xubuntu

Matthew Kuiken matt.kuiken at
Sun Jan 7 16:52:41 UTC 2007

Robert B. Lance Sr. wrote:
> question:
> how hard (in terms of work and cd space) would it be to add the text 
> installer to the live cd?
> I've noticed a lot of ppl with issues that they get failure when using 
> live fails to run and they need to download and burn a new cd 
> for the alt install
> It seems to me that if we could add the text installer to the live cd 
> start menu, it would save some newbies aggravation
> I was actually surprised that it was not included already when I got my 
> dapper cd's in the mail that it was NOT an option!

The biggest problem is that the text installer uses packages, and 
installs from sets of packages to the hard drive.  Very similar to 
booting into single user mode, and then using apt-get to install 
*everything*.  The Live CD does not contain packages in the same sense. 
  The packages are already installed onto a compressed file system, and 
the installer just copies files from one file system to another during 
install.  In order to have both on one disk, you would need to use 
double the disk space, because all the packages would be on the CD 
twice, once in the Live file system, and once in the apt repository.

Later in the thread, doing a DVD was brought up, but I believe that the 
same argument that is being used on claws applies - Who will step up to 
create and maintain said feature?  This is not something that should 
just be foisted off onto the core devs, and I don't think it is in 
(K)Ubuntu.  I believe that the DVDs are created by others who want that 


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