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1) I really prefer we keep with the blue theme
2) murrina is awesome ... but once again, i vote blue
3) No. Beryl should never be default for Xubuntu. xfwm4 should be.

The screen shot is nice, but Beryl is pointless.


On 1/7/07, jmak <jozmak at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> It is time to start thinking about the gtk, the window manager and the
> icon themes that will go into feisty. In order to unify the desktop to
> the fullest and give a unique character to the release we need to
> change the previous practice that simply accepted the upstream default
> settings without modifications (clearlooks and the gnome window
> decoration).
> Since we are using the gnome desktop layout, it is a good idea to give
> a distinct character to xubuntu, in order to fend off the critics
> according to which xubuntu is just a cheap clone of gnome. By the way,
> recently I hear this opinion more and more on the forums and the
> various blog sites.
> These are my suggestions for feisty:
> 1) Icons: gray tango
> 2) gtk theme: murrina gray (the default clearlooks beige doesn't look
> good with blue, too warm and murrina is faster)
> 3) Beryl window manager: some blue or glass theme that picks up the
> background color.
> I made a screen shot about one possible setup that can be further
> modified if needed.
> Ideas are welcome.
> I've created this wiki where we can put up screen-shots that can be
> discussed later.
> Jmak
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