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Mon Jan 8 05:18:10 UTC 2007

Hi all,

It is time to start thinking about the gtk, the window manager and the
icon themes that will go into feisty. In order to unify the desktop to
the fullest and give a unique character to the release we need to
change the previous practice that simply accepted the upstream default
settings without modifications (clearlooks and the gnome window

Since we are using the gnome desktop layout, it is a good idea to give
a distinct character to xubuntu, in order to fend off the critics
according to which xubuntu is just a cheap clone of gnome. By the way,
recently I hear this opinion more and more on the forums and the
various blog sites.

These are my suggestions for feisty:

1) Icons: gray tango
2) gtk theme: murrina gray (the default clearlooks beige doesn't look
good with blue, too warm and murrina is faster)
3) Beryl window manager: some blue or glass theme that picks up the
background color.

I made a screen shot about one possible setup that can be further
modified if needed.
Ideas are welcome.
I've created this wiki where we can put up screen-shots that can be
discussed later.


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