Claws-Mail in Xubuntu

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Sun Jan 7 19:38:30 UTC 2007

Hi Colin, all

> Hi there,
> I saw the forum post there:
> If you want to switch to Claws as the default mail client in Xubuntu,
> I'm interested in helping.

as Gauvain said, this discussion took place a few times before, and the 
concerns raised back then still stand today.
While sylpheed is hands-down snappier than tbird thus in principle 
better suited to Xubuntu's goals, it is also less stable.
See LP bugs, it is probably comparable to what the upstream bugtrackers 

sylpheed seems to have more crashers. And stability prevails over memory 
footprint concerns when choosing what to put on the Xubuntu CD

Voting in forums or on this list are unlikely to change this unless 
people come up with something more convincing than "+1 from me". Besides 
people should only cast their +1 if they are actually using claws and 
are satisfied with it, not because they think it would be good for other 
users or just because they dislike tbird.

Claws is in universe and easily installable by those who need it. Also 
it can be taken care of starting _now_ (all 6 bugs in LP are unconfirmed 
btw). This is how all apps go into main and on the CD - they get support 
in universe first because there is interest in them.

So if there are xubuntu users on the list who favor sylpheed please step 
up to help maintaining in in universe - triage its bugs, interact with 
Colin, follow upstream development - then you can make a much stronger 
case for its inclusion.


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