I will voluntairto guide Clawsmail to become a good mail client and be its MOTO

Harold Aling h.aling at home.nl
Tue Feb 27 10:07:07 UTC 2007

Jelle de Jong wrote:
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2219597#post2219597
> http://www.claws-mail.org/
> Hello guy's,
> There have been a lot of heated discussions about the default mail
> client for xubuntu.
> Clawsmail vs Thunderbird
> I believe that Thunderbird is on this moment the best client for the
> normal non geek user and clawsmail need a lot of work. But there are
> people that disagree with that, so I tried to convince them. But they
> are fanatic and want more information (I like that, means they stand
> behind what the do!)
> So I made a decision's. I will be the package maintainer for the next 3
> or 2 releases of xubuntu. Then we will come together again and decide if
> clawsmail is user friendly enough to become the default mail client for
> xubuntu.
> I will work together with the clawsmail developers to address problems
> and do debugging and feature request etcetera.
> What do you people think of it!
(this is gonna be a long discussion... ;))

Why I don't (yet) like Claws Mail:
- No default html rendering of emails (possible with a plugin and manual 
- No possibility to compose a html mail
- Ugly default icons
- Really annoying alternating colors in the folder list

Why I do like Claws Mail:
- Blazingly fast! (/low memory footprint?)
- Everything just works...


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