Artwork packages (I spell to bad :-D)

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Wed Feb 21 21:09:38 UTC 2007

jmak wrote:
> On 2/21/07, Jelle de Jong <jelledejong at> wrote:
>> jmak wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Here are a few pointers. The usplash should have a flat background,
>>> this is the rule. The other thing is that in the index color mode,
>>> images look best when the colors are flat or close to flat. That is
>>> why I toned down the colors in the text logo; just giving enough
>>> highlights to make sure that color banding wont happen. If anyone
>>> wants to see how bad the continuous tone artwork look in index mode
>>> take a look at fedora screen-shots.
>>> The login box. Please take a look at the images in context rather than
>>> in isolation. And when you suggest something articulate it, because
>>> saying like this should be lighter or darker of more blue or more
>>> artistic and so on are quite meaningless.
>>> The idea behind the artworks is to further refine the edgy artworks.
>>> Ubuntu, Kubuntu people are doing the same, as far as I can see. Take a
>>> look at Ubuntu herd4; the wallpaper is very simple almost flat.  We
>>> too should follow similar strategy rather than changing the look and
>>> feel of the distro radically from release to release.
>> Of course we have to continue developing the artwork. And I am not
>> saying you are doing things bad. You sort of have to learn to express
>> things we like and thins we don't like. My propoasal to help with this is:
>> "quote" >
>> Can you do some research for xubuntu and getter all the usplash screens
>> of the ubuntu destro's and zenwalk, fedora, redhat, suse, dreamlinux, ms
>> vista and some other popular distributions.
>> Than put them or links to it on the xubuntu art wiki, then we can see
>> what we like and don't like about them. And get some direction on what
>> would be a very nice usplash artwork.
>> This way we could give you specific answers that can help you a lot better.
>> Is this a good idea for your?
> Here is a link to the screenshots.
> But the approach you are suggesting doesnt hava much use.
> This is not like cooking that is to say mix a bit of bean, lentil and
> greenpeas and the supper is done.
Thanks for the link gives me more insights.

The first thing I noticed is that I really don't like 3D style
letters. for example the letters used by xubuntu, kubuntu, nubuntu.
Almost all distributions use flat style text. I like noticed that I like
flat text. The only exception can be Linspire that one is ok.

My advice:

Put the logo vertical centered on the page and place some xubuntu style
flat text beneath it. Text shadow bye text is fine to use. If it is
forbidden to change the way the logo and the text are on one line than
forget I suggested to change it. But changing the text would with some
flat text style would be nice.

Black is not the most attractive background color, It does not match the
xubuntu them style and could be a more user friendly. Like something of
the blue background color of xubuntu.

I really like a lined box process bar with good contrast colors and
lines, examples are:

I think i like the zenwalk artwork the best as far for the boot process,
because its simplicity, good matching colors, good contrast between
elements and the nice text style.

I did not had time to check all those images of the distributions on the
site. But I hope this helps you a bit?

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