configuring firefox/thunderbird fonts?

Kristian Rink kawazu at
Thu Aug 30 09:23:19 UTC 2007


dealing with both GNOME and XFCE, I recently used to have an issue
regarding system font size in firefox/thunderbird in GNOME, which, then
again, "suddenly just disappeared" (have no clue how...). However, I
don't want to use GNOME everyday, prefer XFCE but it's not really
enjoyable at the moment: Using Firefox and Thunderbird, I see that
generally my fonts there are, way larger than those in every other GTK /
XFCE application. So far, I haven't yet found a reliable, permanent way
of fixing this, even my userChrome.css seems to be completely ignored...
Errm... Help / hints / ideas, anyone? :/

Thanks in advance and bye,

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