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On 23/08/07, Giuseppe Torelli <colossus73 at> wrote:
> On 8/23/07, Ghostvirus <theghostvirus at> wrote:
> Thank you Ghostvirus and Harold, your encouraging comments push me to
> improve Xarchiver over and over and I assure you, you WILL not be
> disappointed!

I also use Xarchiver exclusively, and apart from a very minor issue (I've
reported it), it has worked fine so far. However, most of my operations
involve right-clicking an archive in Thunar and selecting "Extract Here". I
do agree that it would be more intuitive if double-clicking a file would
default to "View".

However, I do hope the tone in this thread will mature a bit, it sounds
overly aggressive in my opinion. I think Giuseppe needs to realize that only
a stable version of Xarchiver will be considered for inclusion in Xubuntu,
so Jani will judge by the latest stable version available. He then mentions
what he think it lacks in the hope that you might improve on it, and if you
already have, that should be positive news, not negative just because Jani
hasn't checked it for himself. Jani should IMNSHO realize that Giuseppe is
still working hard on Xarchiver and that he is just voicing his personal
opinion on the inclusion of Gnome dependencies, albeit in a somewhat harsh
way ;-)

Anyway, I realize the original title of this thread was "Commercial Support
references on the Xubuntu website" so we're getting a bit off-topic...
Perhaps if this discussion is to be continued a new thread should be

So... Does anyone know of any commercial *Xubuntu* support sources that
could be listed there?

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