List of bugs, problems and suggestions (test report)

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Mon Aug 27 17:10:29 UTC 2007


thanks, good feedback :)
> So now the dilemma: I got this bug: when using the alternate net-install
> you can't not go back to switch the keyboard layout when you made the
> wrong choose. Do i report it at console-setup, debian-installer or
> kbd-chooser?
not sure, but if you file against the debian-installer it will probably
be retargeted by soemone who knows the exact package.

> When installing Xubuntu with a net-install from usb-stick the grub
> system is not installed on the correct hard drive. When removing the
> ubs-stick the system will not load grub correctly and the system will
> not boot. This can be fixed by changing the grup file manually and
> running: sudo grub-install hd0
file a bug on grub if you think it's at fault. booting from USB stick is probably
not as well tested as from CD.
> A brown background is shown right before the blue background is loaded,
> this is not very appealing.

I wonder if xubuntu-default-settings no longer shipd gdm-cdd.conf which overrides
the background? Lionel?

> The totally different looks of the windows and user interface is nice
> and all but how can a user go back to the default looks of Xubuntu 7.04.
> I find backwards compatibility extremely important.

Not sure, maybe someone who has played with and knows the name of the themes can help.

> Mouse over behavior to show the cpu, mem, swap load of the system, in
> the System Load Monitor panel plug-in do not work anymore. I found out
> the mouse overs do work, however they respond far far to late.

Indeed the panel plugins are mostly buggy, and we do not have the resources to fix them all.
Even if not a panel plugin, the gnome-system-monitor that is soon going to be included
shows these informations.
> Mounting a usb-stick from Thunar does not work any more. Message Failed
> to execute child process "gnome-mount" (no such file or directory).
> However mounting the usb-stick from the command line with the mount
> command does work.
I've just added gnome-mount to xbuuntu-desktop, it used to be dragged in by thunar but because
of some buildd problems that moved to Recommended: recently. thanks for catching this. In the meantime
install gnome-mount manually.
> Root certificate from is not included in Firefox and
> Thunderbird
file this and other bugs you think thunderbird has in LP.

> Window snapping does not work
> xfce4-terminal scroll-on output, can this be disable by default, please
not sure about these, file bugs?
> gxine will not start -> cannot open shared object: no such
> file or directory

> Thunderbird, when clicking on the upper left bottom icon, a message pop
> up that ask to download messages before going off-line, when i make the
> NO choose the message box hangs and is not responsive for quite a while.
> Gimp start-up screen is very ugly, can we change it to something more
> appealing?

we cannot, if it's ugly it's ubuntu-desktop maintainers/upstream thing,
the most you can do is file a feature request in LP.

> Why not use two backspaces instead of four?

> xubuntu start-up screen does not show any progress-bar during start-up
> or shutdown.
not sure why.

> xubuntu screen saver will run by default heavy 3D screen servers, please
> use black screen only.
I am thinking of switching to gnome-screensaver anyway.
> remove xfburn

will probably do.

> remove Fax address book
> remove HPLIP Fax Utility
I was pondering this as well, but it will be a regression from feisty for those with such printers.
OTOH they take up mamory even if you do not have printers :(

> remove menu entry for XTerm and UXTerm
> add icon for Process Manager or remove it
just removed it :)

> add icon for Autostarted Application
something you can help with too ;)

> rename Mozilla Thunderbird Mial/News to Thunderbird Mail Client
> remove About Xfce from the xfce menu
> remove Help from the xfce menu

We have to decide what to do about Help reader icon. Lionel, what do you think of adding it to the panel?
Not sure about removing from the panel. Jelle what is wrong with them?

> Is there no new version of GQview?! Is there no further development?
> Maybe change to an active development program.

I think it is stale, but seems to do the job no?

> No new version of Thunar that supports changing the "Date Modified" colum?

not sure what you're asking, if thunar did not have this than it's an upstream thing
and you can find out the answer just as well.

> Desktop preferences -> behaviour -> there are no checked check boxes in
> for the "show icons for" however they are being displayed at the
> desktop. This is not expected behaviour.
> Thunderbird new junk icon appears to soon in compared with the other icons.
> Why display the contains of a window when resizing or moving? Can we
> disable this for the default settings?

Why, does it slow things down? We generally do not touch xfwm4 settings. We change the
panel layout and artwork but leave the window manager alone.

> It will be great to have one net-install cd that always points to the
> most recent stable release of all ubuntu distributions.

not sure what you mean, but does not sound xubuntu specific :)

thanks again for testing


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