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Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Sun Aug 19 20:43:49 UTC 2007

The bottom of the Help & Support page on features this language:

Commercial Support

Xubuntu users around the world tell us that support and administration
expertise are critical in ensuring the success of their Ubuntu deployments.
In addition to community support and partner support, Canonical, the company
behind this Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution, offers enterprise-class

The Canonical Global Support Services team are on hand to support your home,
corporate, government and education installations.

For more information about commercial support from Canonical, visit
Do we want this to be included on the site seeing as Canonical doesn't offer
commercial support for Xubuntu at this time?  I can see the value of
including some reference to paid support, as Canonical does pay the bills
that allow us to distribute this product, so maybe it should be reworded to
indicate that paid support isn't available for Xubuntu, but is available for
other versions of Ubuntu.

This is what I've drafted up for the "backing and support" section of the
about-xubuntu portion of the xubuntu "rockumentation."

                <sect1 id="xubuntu-backing-support" status="draft">
                    <title>Backing and Support</title>
                        <para>Xubuntu is developed and supported by a
quickly growing community.
                        The project is sponsored by <ulink
                            url="&canonical-url;">Canonical Ltd.</ulink>, a
                        holding company founded by Mark Shuttleworth.
                        employs the core Ubuntu developers and offers
support and consulting services
                        for Ubuntu.  More information about Canonical's
support offerings can be found on the
                        <ulink url="&canonical-url;">Canonical
                        <para>Although Canonical does not provide
professional consulting services support
                        for Xubuntu at this time, Xubuntu user support is
available through the Xubuntu
                        community.  Information regarding community support
can be found at the Help &
                        Support page of the <ulink
url="&xubuntu-web-help;">Xubuntu website</ulink>.

Let me know if you have any comments regarding this.  Thank you!!

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