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Sat Aug 18 18:38:19 UTC 2007

On Sat, Aug 18, 2007 at 10:36:38AM +0300, Jari Rahkonen wrote:
> That depends. Can you find a well designed, high quality app for every
> common task, or do you just hope they'll pop up if you keep rejecting
> all those you deem not worthy?

This is what specs and distro development are for, pick-up a promising piece of
sotware, improve it and/or adapt it to the distribution.  Sometimes you even
have to write it from scratch.

> I'd rather use a lesser piece of software
> that is stable and does it's job well enough than dream of a perfect one
> that doesn't exist.

I'd rather not ship something I have doubts about in main.  Different points of
view I guess: user against developer.

> But if in this case there are indeed better options
> available (like if Jani has managed to clean up the dependencies of
> network-manager and it passes your quality check) then why don't you
> just say so?
network-manager itself doesn't need any cleanup.  What we lack is a pure GTK
frontend, something like network-manager-gtk or network-manager-xfce.  I am not
a big fan of n-m but it is at least worth considering its inclusion and it has
been chosen for Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

> Anyway, as long as there's nothing like this installed by default in
> Xubuntu it might be useful to have simple step-by-step instructions for
> installing something like wicd or n-m in the Xubuntu documentation.


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