Jérémie Corbier jcorbier at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 17 22:19:27 UTC 2007

On Fri, Aug 17, 2007 at 09:58:39PM +0200, Giuseppe Torelli wrote:
> On 8/17/07, Jérémie Corbier <jcorbier at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> > In its current state, I would not even consider packaging it...  There are little
> > chances it would make it into the archive.  "It kinda works for me" is not
> > enough of a check before integrating random pieces of software into Xubuntu.
> Did you try it by yourself? Unfortunately i don't have a wireless card.

My point is, regardless whether it works or not, we cannot ship poorly
designed softwares in main, especially when it comes to messing with people's
network configuration.  I am sick of this "oh it works, it's cool, let's use it"
trend.  How about increasing our quality standards a little?

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                                  know everything are very annoying
                                  to those of us who do.''
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