List of the apps to be stripped of GNOME dependencies

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Sun Aug 12 18:15:42 UTC 2007

For now I say let's not bother with gvfs, if we can get rid of libgnomeui and bonobo that is
good enough. gvfs API has no GTK equivalent yet, so the code that would substitute it is unlikely
to be accepted upstream.

Lionel Le Folgoc wrote:
> Hi,
> Giuseppe Torelli wrote:
>> Hi,
>> can someone make a list of those apps which needs to be stripped of
>> GNOME deps please? This way we can assign each app to volunteers and
>> begin the work.
>> Thanks,
> IMO, there is one important app:
> * evince: it's depending on libgnome{,ui,vfs,keyring} and pushing them
> on the iso. This is not too much hard work (updating the patches from
> the 0.5.2-0ubuntu7 version), a bit long though; I wanted to do it, but I
> didn't have the time/motivation, sorry :/ (see
> I think
> Jani should be able to help since he made the previous patches.

Gvfs can stay, and upstream is actually supposed to be buildable with gvfs only
I do not know why libgnome is pulled in again.

> Then there are some wishlist items:
> * update-notifier: currently, xubuntu users are not notified of packages
> updates, unless they install this app which depends on libgnomeui and
> libgnomevfs (see

Again, leave gvfs for now (it is used for inotify support) and get rid of
GnomeClient usage. I talked to Michael Vogt (the developer) personally and 
he is open to such changes. Maybe a bug filed in their bugzilla or a mail on their list,
will be enough for the same people who made the final patch to fix the build again.

> * libgnome2-perl: this would allow us to ship a debconf graphical
> frontend (see
indeed, a perl coder is needed here although not necessarily experienced one.

gnomeppower-manager gnome-screensaver and gnome-network-manager have patches pending upstream.

Other apps, all are found in GNOME svn

vino - VNC/RDP remote desktop server, depends on libgnome and bonobo (not easy to replace)

gnome-games - low hanging fruit, many libgnome apis used but examples of how to replace them
are found in the bugzilla summary that I sent earlier. 

totem, sound-juicer - depend on libgnome

in general any app in the default Ubuntu install (and no other apps!) that you think could be
useful in Xubuntu.

Anyone who takes up a task to work on these issues should do the hard work by himself, without
nagging upstream, reading the code and GTK/glib docs (with devhelp or online).

airconfig is not an option for Xubuntu, when we have a wifi GUI it will be network manager.


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