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Fri Aug 10 22:52:36 UTC 2007

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Lionel Le Folgoc wrote:

> I don't think xubuntu lack a community, it only lacks active people...
> For example, (almost) nobody does bug triaging for xubuntu. Don't you
> think this would help improving xubuntu and xfce if reported bugs were
> triaged and forwarded upstream? That's an example among many, it does
> not require technical skills, and it's often a good 'trigger' to become
> Ubuntu member and more involved in Ubuntu...

	I am new to xubuntu and have been following this mailing list for the
last week or so. I am interested in helping with every aspect of
xubuntu. Could someone show me how to do bug triaging :)

I am new to the open source community and find sometime that the info
for new people regarding how they can help out is incomplete. There are
lots of places were people say " Oh this needs done and that needs
done." but the details of how these tasks are completed don't seem as
easy to find. Don't get me wrong I am sure that its out there but us new
people kind of need it laid out in front of us. I also feel that if
someone actively followed a new person through the process from start to
finish we could boost that persons confidence and  make them feel like
part of the community.

- ---The new guy quietly steps down from his soapbox---

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