Xhelp code on launchpad ready

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 19:46:56 UTC 2007

Hi Cody,

>     I personally read every thread.

I haven't lately, I admit. Not every mail is development focused so it's time-consuming
to try fish out the relevant bits.

>     Jani: We considered stripping yelp of gnome deps when this project
>     was first proposed but gpocentrek (sp) said that it would be
>     "impossible".

I agree it's not easy, but having something as capable as yelp from scratch is more work IMHO.
Anyway yelp is not appropriate for other reasons - we have HTML docs.

>     Having a separate application allows us to add features specific to
>     a documentation browser. However, this is not to say it would be
>     wiser to use a light-weight browser (nor am I saying it is).

I agree it would be nice to have search and similar extras that a browser does not have.
But I still think using the default web browser is better for the following reasons

1) Resource consumption : if the browser is too heavy to read the help it is probably too heavy to
use it to browse the web. I am not sure how many Xubuntu desktops are not using a web browser.

2) Consistency: the Xfce docs have links to external http URLs.  What happens with those if the user
follows them? Launch the web browser or render those sites poorly (I am pretty sure CSS and JS won't
be supported by Xhelp)?

3) Developer resources: we have quite a few bugs in our existing apps which could be fixed by GTK/C
coders. This will add just more bugs IMHO instead of helping fix those.

But one thing is sure: I see we need a help browser that is more prominent, currently it's only a link in the
application menu. That was done because Xfce docs were last time I looked at 4.2 so we did not want to
show possibly confusing docs.

So I think the efforts would be much better spent on completing the Xubuntu desktop guide and the Xfce docs
than writing an app to show incomplete docs.


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