livecd memory requirements

Eero Tamminen oak at
Sat Apr 14 17:27:39 UTC 2007


On Fri, 2007-04-13 at 21:42 +0300, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> I'll try installing Xubuntu herd from live-cd to that laptop now.

Sorry, I meant testing installing the Xubunty Feisty Fawn Beta.

This failed, the Live-CD didn't boot up into a usable system:
- Last message on console was that it was running rc.local scripts,
  but there was no shell or login prompt on any of the consoles
- On terminal 7 where the Xubuntu desktop should be there was just
  a black X display and mouse cursor, nothing else (earlier in the
  bootup the X display was also white(ish), but at the end it's
This was after the computer (CD) wasn't anymore accessed
(maybe after half an hour from powering the laptop on).

When I booted it another time and then switched less between
the terminals, I got to see an X display with a few icons,
but it was still unusable (still reading something from
the CD after one hour).

The live-CD md5 sum is correct and the live-CD's own check
goes through without problems.  Memory test doesn't report
any errors either.

If this issue is because there's not enough memory (96MB +
192MB of swap), it's a bit funny because Kubuntu Dapper live-CD
boots up with the same machine (Toshiba Satellite 4030 CDT)
and still leaves most of swap unused.  I thought Xubuntu was
supposed to require less memory. :-)

	- Eero

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