feisty install feedback

Sébastien Barthélemy barthelemy at crans.org
Wed Apr 4 11:44:37 UTC 2007


I installed the live-desktop yesterday (daily build), here are some
remarks, in case it is useful:

 * there was no nightly build for the alternate cd, is it normal ?

 * when checking the cd integrity, at the beginning, there is some
(small) graphical problems (a line or two are inverted). It's fully
usable so it's a minor problem.

 * when installing, around 28%, I had this error message:
failed to mount
given device "/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/volume_part5_size_764918784"
is not a volume or drive.
 I closed the dialog and the install continued flawlessly. I had no time
to test the new system extensively, but it seemed to work.


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