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glanz ralph.glanz at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 18:43:35 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses-2 wrote:
>> Wow! That's quite big. Before Xubuntu, if someone wanted an Xfce livecd,
>> I used to suggest Xfld. I think it's great news that they are now based
>> on Xubuntu. Perhaps this warrants a news story entry on the website?
> Yes I think it should go on the site. Oliver (one of the Xfld devs who
> mailed me about this)
> corrected me saying that it's only a liveCD. I did not try it myself so
> don't know about this.
> It is possible they do not ship ubiquity at all with their package
> selection
> being different.
> As for being based on Xubuntu/Ubuntu it is a bit ambiguous as they use the
> xfce packages
> I assume but not all the apps which also make up xubuntu. So the correct
> thing to say is they
> are based on  Ubuntu (repositories) and use some Xubuntu packages, like
> Mepis I think which is
> KDE but not Kubuntu.
> Anyway the mail I forwarded says xubuntu and their site ubuntu.
> Jani
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Yes Ubiquity is in their package list.
ubiquity 1.2.5
ubiquity-casper 1.78
ubiquity-frontend-gtk 1.2.5
ubiquity-ubuntu-artwork 1.2.5
ubuntu-artwork 31
ubuntu-keyring 2005.01.12.1
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