Menu's again

Ronnie Whisler mrwislr at
Sun Oct 29 23:54:02 UTC 2006

hmmmm I'm not the only one that misses the icons :)

On Sun, 29 Oct 2006 08:06:42 -0700
"Dave Keeton" <thekeeton at> wrote:

> So after toying around for several days with XFCE (Xubuntu) I have
> come to the following conclusions:
> 1. The Only way I'm going to be happy with the menu is to clean
> install Xubuntu without gnome so the gnome apps don't end up on the
> menu. 2. I havent found any way of burning music though an XFCE
> program like gnomebaker and even gnomebaker isnt working for me
> (perhaps I need some gnome support?)
> 3. Im getting used to the desktop Icons not showing but it is still
> annoying not having them.
> So here goes rebooting with Xubuntu CD wish me luck!
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