Xubuntu Edgy 20061710

Matías Szeftel mszeftel at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Oct 19 18:57:03 UTC 2006

Ralf Meyer escribió:
> On 2006-10-19, Matías Szeftel <mszeftel at yahoo.com.ar> wrote:
>> Hi, I've just installed Xubuntu Edgy 20061710. And I have an old PC:
>> Celeron(Mendocino) 300 Mhz, Video : SiS 6326. Serial Mouse, Not PS/2
>> keyboard (how is this called?)
> A round plug with 5 pins? Then it is called DIN (www.din.de seems to
> be german only).
>> The installation went fine.
>> There is still an issue with selecting the language at the boot menu: if
>> I chose Spanish it asumes that I'm from Spain. So I don't chose the
>> language so the installation asks me later and all goes ok. (Language:
>> Spanish - Location: Argentina).
> Which CD did you use to install?
> 1. Desktop CD (Live CD)
> 2. Alternate CD
> The installer package for 1. is `ubiquity', for 2. it is `debian-installer'.
    I used the Alternate with expert mode. Thnx for the pointing. So, I
should file the bug against debian-installer in LP?
>> 2) When I try to enter my user ( matt ) the keyboard repeats the letters
>> randomly: so I pressed "m" and I got "mmmmmmm". If I pressed the key as
>> soft as possible i could get some control, but almost impossible to type
>> my password. This was already happening to me in dapper, but if I
>> rebooted the computer sometime it would be fix.
> Do you mean the graphical login?
Yes, in the console all  works fine. But on the graphical login my
keyboard goes nuts.

Regards, Matías.

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