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Sun Oct 8 15:46:20 UTC 2006

On 10/8/06, Eero Tamminen <oak at> wrote:
> Hi,
> >
> > Panels. I already said this during the dapper phase but now I bring it
> > up again. They are oversized; not only visually unpleasing but it
> > makes no sense from the functional point of view either. Imagine how
> > much valuable screen  space it takes from a 15 inch monitors.
> > Pleeeeeese change the default to 26 like gnome.
> Would this also mean "artistically" small (=unreadable) font size? :-)

Changing the panel size has no effect on readability or legibility. Try it out.

> > Icons on the panel. This I already mentioned during the dapper phase.
> > There is too much padding around the icons. They suppose to touch the
> > edges of the panel edges like in gnome.
> This is also a usability thing.  Things that extend to the screen edge
> follow the "fitt's law" and are _much_ easier to hit with a mouse.

 Here is a relevant passage that clearly states the button objects and
human intereaction principles withing the the fit's law rationale.

"Buttons and other widgets to be selected in GUIs should be a
reasonable size; it is very difficult to click on small ones.

Edges (e.g. the menubar in Mac OS) and corners of the computer display
(e.g. "Start" button in Windows XP) are particularly easy to acquire
because the pointer remains at the screen edge regardless of how much
further the mouse is moved, thus can be considered as having infinite

J. Mak

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