Call for developer meeting agenda

Cody Somerville cody.somerville at
Sun Nov 5 19:47:22 UTC 2006

Hey Everyone,

 Jani and I were talking today and I'd like to get an Xubuntu developer
meeting in before the end of the year. When would be a good time for people
and what needs to be discussed?

Please feel free to visit and make
an addition under "Agenda for next meeting". I only ask that if you add
something to the agenda that you put your name beside items submitted by you
and that you please attend to speak on behalf of your item(s) of interest
(ie. If you add something to the agenda that no one else knows anything
about or has little interest then it most likely won't end up being
discussed. Feel free to ask someone else to
"speak on your behalf" if you can't attend).

Also, I understand that community council for Ubuntu would like the
different ubuntu distributions to form their own technical boards and
community councils to help lighten the load for the primary one. Do you feel
this is something we should consider? I'd also like to make contact with
some of the seasoned ubuntu contributors to get a better understanding of
how things generally operate for ubuntu and some guidance in this matter.


Cody A.W. Somerville


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