disable one of two soundboards

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Hey Lamanary,

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Cody A.W. Somerville

On 11/5/06, Lamanary Ramos de Pina <lamanary at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi there,
> I have 2 soundboards on my system (1 onboard, other PCI) that are chosen
> randomly at boot. So I have 2 questions:
> 1. How do I force xubuntu to pick just one of them?
> 2. How can I disable one of them (without having to physically remove) so
> xubuntu just 'see' one at boot? I tried to disable on-board sound at BIOS
> but it didn't work. But now I'm more interested in disable the PCI's one
> (because it's not working after a power failure and the problem is critical
> now).
> thank you, Lamanary
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