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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Wed Nov 1 16:30:15 UTC 2006

On 11/1/06, Vincent <imnotb at> wrote:
> The website for downloading Xubuntu packages website is not used too much,
> as most people install new programs via the Synaptic program. If you try
> that, you'll probably find that it is very easy in use, even easier than the
> Windows .exe's.
> Your comments on the names have been taken into account, we will
> explicitly note that it is a codename at the site.
> Please bear in mind that e.g. is not by Microsoft, it is a
> third party site.
> Also, installing Automatix by default might bring legal issues, the same
> as installing proprietary codecs by default.

I am not comfortable with endorsements of automatix or other 3rd party
installers on as they may cause problems for inexperienced
users. They can still be found on the forums by those who really look for
them. We get enough spurious (non-Xfce or strictly xubuntu) bugs in LP, I
would not want to get signal/noise even lower by getting reports about
broken packages only to find out it's due to the system not using only
offciial repos.
I know that was only a comment above, just want to make sure we don't get
3rd package manager howtos on the official site.


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