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Wed Nov 1 16:14:16 UTC 2006

> I'm not trying to disagree here but then what's the point of upgrading
> to Edgy if nothing further is going to be included?  At least from my
> point of view as an user that likes to have a more up to date system and
> things being as you said, what's the incentive to go to edgy if dapper
> is going to get the updates?  For someone like me it's almost a push to
> try other distributions instead of sticking with this one.  I hope that
> makes sense.

What you say makes sense, but so does what the Ubuntu team does in general
and we are following their policies (we do not have a choice even if we
I also think that after a release is done people using it should get
bugfixes and such.
But this may be a more visible problem with xubuntu that ubuntu (I am not
sure but it may be) because xubuntu gets far less testing during the dev
cycle and most feedack we get only after RC and release.
That is something that if changed, would make once released versions be even
better than now andrequiring less updates.
Any idea how we could get this working? It may be lack of publicity during
dev cycle - hardly anyone blogs about xubuntu or makes cacthy announcements
It may be that having a much smaller user base it cannot have enough testers
willing to follow the edge and report back during development.
Either way solving this is a priority as we will not be able to just work on
a release for 6 months with relatively little feedback than after release
respond to a lot of it.

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