Matías Szeftel mszeftel at
Wed Nov 1 14:48:31 UTC 2006

Eddie Torres escribió:
> I'm not trying to disagree here but then what's the point of upgrading 
> to Edgy if nothing further is going to be included?  At least from my 
> point of view as an user that likes to have a more up to date system and 
> things being as you said, what's the incentive to go to edgy if dapper 
> is going to get the updates?  For someone like me it's almost a push to 
> try other distributions instead of sticking with this one.  I hope that 
> makes sense.
> Eddie
I think the reason it's that Ubuntu has made a somewhat of a commercial
release (LTS). You can install dapper in your office or in the 500 PCs
on your company and you'll get a support option for 3 years.
Edgy is more for people like us ;) that like to be at the bleeding edge
and with the latest software.

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