Joeb jmbraddock at
Wed Nov 1 12:52:54 UTC 2006

Gergo Szakal wrote:
> There sure will be updates, but the 'really stable' version is Dapper at 
> the moment, I don't know if Edgy+1 (just forgot the codename) will be 
> the next 'really stable' release. I recall reading something like 'if 
> you wanna try some brand new stuff out, swwitch to edgy, if you want 
> stability, stay with dapper'.
Would Dapper being the the release intended for stability not preclude 
putting  an  RC of  XFCE  in it?  For  comparison sakes  are Ubuntu and 
Kubuntu porting the latest Gnome and KDE releases back to Dapper or are 
they leaving the Dapper versions alone, because they are stable?

In short, if my decision was to stick with Dapper for stability purposes 
(say in a corporate environment), then I don't think I would be 
concerned with it not having the most current RC of XFCE in it, but that 
it had a stable version of XFCE in it.


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