Serial COM mouse.

Matías Szeftel mszeftel at
Sun May 14 09:54:16 UTC 2006

Yes, but i'm talking about the live/desktop Xubuntu Flight 7, when XFCE4
starts, my mouse is locked. I know how to get it working, but i think it
would a very bad impression for people new to linux. Also, it's a LIVE
cd now, so it's supossed to work right out of the box and the main
installation procedure.

Well, just my thought.

Regards, Matías.

PS: I haven't test this with ubuntu or kubuntu (because is to heavy for
my old machine), but maybe they have this problem too. But since Ubuntu
and Kubuntu won't usually be installed on old hardware with serial
mouse, it's not serious.

Colin McDermott escribió:
> I had thought that Ubuntu had resolved this issue with a particular
> package that would sniff out the serial mouse automatically?
> It may not have been in the Ubuntu Base.
> Check up on it because it was in the ubuntu digest (somewhere). it was
> possibly in a Bug fix as well
> Naturally you can sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg to get the mouse
> back .
> Cheers
> Colin
> Matías Szeftel wrote:
>> I have a Celeron 300Mhz and a serial mouse that wasn t detected.
>> Shouldn't I have the option to chose what kind of mouse I'm using???
>> serial mouse are very common in old hardware, and this distribution
>> amis partly at that.
>> Thanx, Matías
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