Windows won't work

Brian O'Keefe okeefe at
Tue May 9 22:42:46 UTC 2006

Hi. I stumbled upon this list and did a search of the archives to see if
my problem was in there. Something similar was. 
I upgraded to Dapper and Xubuntu won't work properly. I can't drag
windows or change the theme or have multiple workspaces. When I try to
change the theme I get an error that xfce can't work with my "display
manager (unknown)"I suspected that it had to do with gtk stuff and one
of the posts may have confirmed that. I created a new user, as per the
post I read, and Xubuntu runs beautifully! Just like it should, except
there are no shadows or transparency as I had before-no biggie. In the
new users directory is-nothing, as opposed to my normal home directory
that is full of files regarding gtk, xsessions, etc. 
Any idea how I can get my regular user, me, to have Xubuntu function?
What can i safely remove? I have Kubuntu-desktop installed but am happy
to loose it.

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