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On 5/8/06, j Mak <joz_mak at> wrote:                                  Hi  all,
    1). During the weekend Daniele and I discussed theming xubuntu. As a result, I came up with the following theme.

    The blues reflect our color scheme; I choose, as the basic color, a neutral grey, slightly warmish. The engine is ubuntulooks. 

ok whenever you think it is ready (meaning droped into /usr/share/themes and it just works) let me know.

 2).  I also would like to bring up once again the gimp splash issue; the present one is amateurish.  Though, Daniele told 

as much as I like the splash screen it is not xubuntus business to patch it. People may run it in gnome/kde and it should not say xubuntu. Besides this is to be taken up with gimp package in ubuntu, we cannot touch apps which are not xfce 
in a way that affects other environments or what the users expect.

 3). Jani, when will the animation with the new colors be available for update? I am asking this because when the artwork 

as soon as I find some time to upload it, so hopefully soon I did not want to upload it in too close to flight7. Is the one you sent a transparent png? It had a blueish background when I looked at it. 

                                        The png file I sent you has a transparent background. I dont understand what blue background you are talking about.

is in place it is better to judge and see how it fits in with the rest and that it needs further adjustment.  
    By the way, I tweaked the colors of the "usplash" and the "GDM background" and updated them in the steel folder, I recommend using these. I just lightened up the colors a bit. 

Are they final? If so I'll upload them and let Colin know to update the CD boot image accordingly.

                                        They are final. I might take a last look at everything when all will be in place.

 4). And lastly, I would like to draw everyone's attention to a very nice firefox theme, which I recommend using as default. Ubuntu too, it seems, is going to use his theme but the human version. The themer makes three versions: Human, Tangerine and Tango. Download the Tango version and try it out to see how it goes with xubuntu. 

Ubuntu is using it? Where is it packaged? If not yet, we'll wait till they package it. And will probably use it as firefox settings are again besides our scope.

                                        Ubuntu will probably use it, if I understand correctly. To find out more read the themer post, perhaps you get a better idea.

J. Mak
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