Xubuntu menu items in Gnome menus

Joe Braddock jmbraddock at earthlink.net
Mon May 8 02:14:24 UTC 2006

The various Ubuntu/Gnome utilities that were rewritten for Xubuntu to
drop Gnome dependencies ("Users and Groups", "Time and Date", "Shared
Folders", "Networking", etc.) show up along with the Gnome version in

This makes it messy, for instance if a Ubuntu users installs
Xubuntu-desktop to try out Xubuntu or to have both desktops on their
computer. It's not really a problem for Xubuntu, but really clutters up
the Gnome menus with what appear to be duplicate entries (but really

I notice that the Gnome versions don't show up in XFCE, so is there an
easy way to change the Xubuntu/XFCE version of these utilities so that
they aren't picked up by Gnome?  That way, when in Gnome, the Gnome
version is used and when in XFCE the Xubuntu version is used.

If that's not possible, can the Xubuntu version be set to not replace
the Gnome version if it already is installed or maybe can the Ubuntu
developers be asked to remove the Gnome dependencies, since the the
Xubuntu versions seem to work fine under Gnome.


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