Xubuntu menu items in Gnome menus

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Mon May 8 07:22:05 UTC 2006

> I notice that the Gnome versions don't show up in XFCE, so is there an
> easy way to change the Xubuntu/XFCE version of these utilities so that
> they aren't picked up by Gnome?  That way, when in Gnome, the Gnome
> version is used and when in XFCE the Xubuntu version is used.

Yes, this can be done. There is some more work to do on this package.
It could be done either by making it conflict gnome-system-tools so you only
one installed since they do more or less the same thing. Or simply ass and
OnlyShowIn:XFCE; entry to their desktop files in /usr/share/applications.

If that's not possible, can the Xubuntu version be set to not replace
> the Gnome version if it already is installed or maybe can the Ubuntu
> developers be asked to remove the Gnome dependencies, since the the
> Xubuntu versions seem to work fine under Gnome.

that's not going to happen as the some of the gnome system tools use the
gnome vfs and nautilus
for some tasks so they need gnome.

One way or another this will be fixed by release.
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