Found GUI Printer Admin- This could be it!

Eero Tamminen oak at
Sun May 7 07:35:27 UTC 2006


On Sunday 07 May 2006 01:51, S.W.B. wrote:
> Why not use redhat-config-printers to administer printers?
> More screenshots:
> The Redhat (Fedora) config tools are actually quite lightweight, and
> they just need pygtk and obviously python.  I'm pretty sure that at
> least redhat-config-printer can be built without dependancy on Kudzu.

Python is quite slow on slower machines (because its interpreted, not
compiled), but it might be OK, if it indeed takes less memory than the
Gnome alternative.

Could somebody post some memory usage figures of these both
(e.g. with "top -b -n 1")?

> This is a very powerful and relatively easy to use tool, and it doesn't
> need Gnome.  I would assume it is well translated into other languages
> too.  It seems like a shame to leave it out just because it's a
> Fedora/Redhat tool.  It's open source, after all.  You could name it
> something else.  Like I said in another post, gtklpq is good enough for
> queue management.

	- Eero

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