Found GUI Printer Admin- This could be it!

S.W.B. sb73542 at
Sat May 6 22:51:12 UTC 2006


Why not use redhat-config-printers to administer printers?
More screenshots:

The Redhat (Fedora) config tools are actually quite lightweight, and 
they just need pygtk and obviously python.  I'm pretty sure that at 
least redhat-config-printer can be built without dependancy on Kudzu.

This is a very powerful and relatively easy to use tool, and it doesn't 
need Gnome.  I would assume it is well translated into other languages 
too.  It seems like a shame to leave it out just because it's a 
Fedora/Redhat tool.  It's open source, after all.  You could name it 
something else.  Like I said in another post, gtklpq is good enough for 
queue management.

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