Xubuntu way to add printer? (was Feedback & Suggestions)

Kam Salisbury kam at salisburyfamily.us
Tue May 2 23:56:53 UTC 2006

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   >> If you run firefox (or other browser) with gksudo, can you currently
   >> access the printer config page?  If so, how bad of a solution would it
   >> be to include a script labeled "Printer Config" which opens a browser
   >> to the config page with gksudo?
   >> The CUPS admin page is pretty good for installing printers and it's
   >> already installed. If the security issues could be addressed, I'd
   >> rather use that than install more software.
I agree Michael, adding more software would not be a solution in concert with what Xubuntu is aspiring to be.

   >I think for now the best way is to document how to enable the CUPS web
   >interface which
   >is disabled for security reasons, and use that for adding a printer. I heard
   >it is easier to use
   >in cups 1.2 than it was in 1.1

I will have to dig into this more this week. I have to keep reminding myself that all non-command line interface folk will need a point-n-click way to get printers installed. Gksudo is something I had totally forgotten about because I take for granted the terminal plus a simple text editor such as nano for the configuration file.

I will go back over the user experience for installing and using printers over the next week and report back my findings.

Kam Salisbury

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