Xubuntu way to add printer? (was Feedback & Suggestions)

Kam Salisbury kam at salisburyfamily.us
Wed May 3 09:47:56 UTC 2006

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>    >> If you run firefox (or other browser) with gksudo, can you currently
>    >> access the printer config page?  If so, how bad of a solution would
> it
>    >> be to include a script labeled "Printer Config" which opens a
> browser
>    >> to the config page with gksudo?
>    >>
>    >> The CUPS admin page is pretty good for installing printers and it's
>    >> already installed. If the security issues could be addressed, I'd
>    >> rather use that than install more software.
> I agree Michael, adding more software would not be a solution in concert
> with what Xubuntu is aspiring to be.
>   >>
>    >
>    >I think for now the best way is to document how to enable the CUPS web
>    >interface which
>    >is disabled for security reasons, and use that for adding a printer. I
> heard
>    >it is easier to use
>    >in cups 1.2 than it was in 1.1
>    >
>    >Jani
>    >
> I will have to dig into this more this week. I have to keep reminding
> myself that all non-command line interface folk will need a point-n-click
> way to get printers installed. Gksudo is something I had totally forgotten
> about because I take for granted the terminal plus a simple text editor
> such as nano for the configuration file.
> I will go back over the user experience for installing and using printers
> over the next week and report back my findings.

I did some initial testing on this last evening and found that gksudo
works fine for the initial access to the cups admin pages. 'gksudo
firefox' yielded a password prompt from sudo and then I could access the
admin pages. When trying to setup a new printer however, the final step of
applying the new configuration was halted by a web browser password prompt
which wanted the administrator username and password or the password for

So the root of th issue is clearer now in terms of what must be changed so
that the initial use of cups by masses is easy. If we edited cupsd.conf to
remove the prompts for passwords all together but left the access to
localhost only - that would side step the security issue and still leave
all the functions as they are via the web interface.

Kam Salisbury

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