Bugs, doubts and suggestions in Xubuntu Dapper

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 04:48:27 UTC 2006


On 3/31/06, Álvaro Justen [Turicas] <alvarojusten at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> XFCE evoluted STRONGLY from Breezy to Dapper. The XFCE team is doing a
> good work.
> But I have some "bug reports" to xubuntu dapper:
> 1) Aplications -> File Manager (xffm). I clicked and it did't run ;-(

xffm 4.3 is not packaged yet and will  not be par of the default install.
It is in the menu still because only the English menu has been modified so
far to show thunar instead. The other languages will follow once we decide
the final layout

2) I think that Firefox and other apps in Dapper are more slowest than
> in Breezy...

that is bad but  we (xubuntu) cannot do much about it at this point.

Some doubts...
> 1) Where are te other plugins on XFCE-panel, wich in Breezy are
> installed by default?

The panel layout is not final either, and some plugins have not been ported
Are you thinking of the print and the settings plugins?

2) Where is XChat? What program to connect in IRC I have to use?

will not be in the default install as IRC is not for average users. It can
still l be installed
afterwards. This is what ubuntu/gnome did with xchat-gnome, as gaim provides
IRC client even if it's not too advanced.

3) Why "Orange" (calendar) is in "Office" menu, don't in "Acessories"?

That's where upstream intends it to be. It not just a simple calendar so
that's why I guess.

4) Why Nautilus? It uses GNOME libs, don't it? ;-(

if nautilus is installed by default that's a bug. Have to figure out what
brings it in the install.

5) Apps that are in Ubuntu [with GNOME] like "System Monitor" use GNOME
> libs?

which package is that? again it should not be installed by default.

And suggestions :-)
> 1) Add "sound manager" in panel 1 to default distribution of xubuntu
> Dapper.

The mixer plugin you mean?

2) Add other functionalities in panel that was in xubuntu Breezy.

Examples :)

3) Don't use Nautilus [I openned it and now my wallpaper changed, has
> icons etc.], I prefer xfdesktop ;-)

we won't use nautilus.

4) Be Thunar the default file manager [don't xffm or Nautilus].


The icons are very beautiful. Congratulations, xubuntu team! :-)

that's interesting as the icons are one of the areas we did absolutely
nothing about so far :)
we are still talking about what theme to use so right now it's  whatever
defaults are detected

I installed Ubuntu Dapper Server in pt_BR language [Portuguese
> (Brazil)] and some texts aren't translated [XFCE Settings Manager is
> one of the applications that aren't 100% translated]. How can I help
> xubuntu project in tranlating these expressions? I have an account in
> Launchpad and translated some packages in Rosetta ;-)

if they are xfce packages you can help at i18n.xfce.org since they do not
rosetta. If they are other apps we use but are not part of xfce then sure go
and translate in rosetta.

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