first steps towards a xubuntu desktop guide

Luzi Thoeny lucius.antonius at
Mon Mar 27 12:56:14 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses wrote:
> On 3/26/06, *Luzi Thoeny* <lucius.antonius at 
> <mailto:lucius.antonius at>> wrote:
>     hi all,
>     i've made some first steps towards a xubuntu desktop guide. there is
>     only little content at the moment, but hey, it's a start!
>     please let me know whether you guys think i'm going the right
>     direction.
> thanks, this looks like a great start to me :)
> As for svn access to the doc team I think there are people on this 
> list knowledgable about that.
> But from what I remember  docteam members had trouble getting access 
> to the svn
> since it required some very busy people having time to grant them 
> access. But maybe that was solved.
> Jani
hm, so should we:
- ask on the ubuntu-doc mailing list?
- ask about it? he is mentioned 
on the xubuntu wiki page, and it looks like he has something to do with 
xubuntu documentation.
- develop it externally?

two more questions:

- how finished is the Panel/Menu Setup? I wouldn't want to write all the 
"please click on Applications->Network->Firefox" sequences before the 
menu structure / panel layout is "frozen".
i remember there was some talk about having a 'Places' item next to 
'Applications' in the panel, just like gnome-ubuntu. is that still 
planned? this might be important for writing the guide.

-how finished is the default look, esp. window decoration? If the 
default window decoration may still change, I'd rather wait before I 
take more screenshots.


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