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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Wed Mar 22 15:55:47 UTC 2006

Hi Colin

Concerning the latest version, Debian has it. I've been asking for
> an UVF exception since a few weeks, but the process seems stuck
> somewhere. Apart from that, I've got not much to say about this. I'd
> sure be glad to see S-Claws as the default mailer in Xubuntu; but if it
> isn't, well, no problem :)

 I saw your UVF requests, it seems indeed it is stuck somewhere. I am sorry
about this. As I said before the issue is not whether claws is better or not
t-bird (it is lighter that's for sure) but if for the IMHO small number of
people who would want a non-web mail client it is worth putting another
package in
main and supporting it for the next 3 years (security uploads mainly). It
will definitely
be installable from universe and indeed 2.0 needs to be brought in dapper.
According to the site it is the lates version right?
Other than that since I do not use claws I just tried its news interface and
I wish it
could have incremental search for newsgroup names (like tbird) and support
folders in news.(which  tbird does not) As you see not features most home
users would
care about :)

Just one thing, I can't really take the time needed to provide (clean)
> S-Claws packages for Xubuntu so I'm not proposing to do that; however, I
> do have built some for Ubuntu Breezy but they're certainly not perfect.
> On the other hand I can provide support and if needed, patches, usually
> quite fast (24-48 hours).
> Sylpheed-Claws has some advantages over Thunderbird, including external
> plugins like an RSS aggregator or a vCalendar handler (for meetings and
> stuff).

I think t-bird has RSS and calendar extensions I just don't know how good
they are.
And these are features I'd not expect normal users to care much about
since installing tbird extensions/claws plugins is not too easy.

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