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Wed Mar 22 15:02:27 UTC 2006


the following items were discussed in today's meeting:

1)  Default mail client:
whether to install sylpheed-claws-gtk2, thunderbird or no mail client at all
by default
There was no definite consensus but we seemed to lean towards installing
t-bird by default
if we are to ship with an email program, partly because of its marginally
cleaner UI but mostly
because it is already in main and supported in ubuntu.
Sylpheed claws is not at it's latest version in dapper and is still in
universe without enough testing
An idea was not installing any client at all since those who care about
pop/imap/nntp surely know
what their prefered app is, and xfce does not have a default mail client as
gnome and kde do and
which it is supposed to ship with.
Still no definite decision but the installing of sylpheed claws is not as
certain as it used to be (which never was 100%).

2)  Status of archiver program
upstream xfce/thunar is working closely with xarchiver author so this is
certainly the choice
for dapper

3) Spreadsheet app installed by default
A gtk only version gnumeric has been in our plans since the beginning of the
cycle but not
much progress has been made. Only packaging needs to be done separately from
gnumeric, since the sources are buildable without gnome libs
Since there is interest in gnumeric installed by default vs only shipped on
the CD because
of gnome dependencies, and because of the extra time we got we'll have
another try at making
gtk only packages of gnumeric and libgoffice if possible collaborating with
the debian packager
to avoid unnecessary divergence.

4) Decided (again) that deprecated xfce 4.2 packages should be proposed for
purging from the archive
to reduce user confusion.

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