Request for admission into Launchpad team (Jani Monoses)

Soumyadip Modak soumyadip.modak at
Wed Mar 8 13:27:37 UTC 2006

>you have been accepted to the LP team, but membership is not a prerequisite
>for helping out.
>If you think you can help with something just go ahead. One indirect way of
>doing that is
>helping xfce upstream translators.

Thanks a lot for including me

>Here's the  stats for the Bengali team

Looked at the stats, I know the person who was handling the XFCE
translation, will try and continue from where she left off.

>What other ways beside translation do you think you can work on in xubuntu?
>Scim input method suport maybe? I don't know how much integration that
>with the desktop environment

Well I'm using scim satisfactorily with XFCE right now, and support for all
major Indian languages have been included in scim-tables-additional.
Transliteration support is available in scim-m17n, so no major work left.
Indlinux is planning to start work on the Indian typewriter layouts, so I'll
be contributing to that anyway.

Does Xubuntu propose to use the language-packs used in Ubuntu ? If so, are
any modifications required to the packages themselves ?

Soumyadip Modak
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