Request for admission into Launchpad team (Jani Monoses)

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Wed Mar 8 13:51:39 UTC 2006

> Well I'm using scim satisfactorily with XFCE right now, and support for
> all major Indian languages have been included in scim-tables-additional.
> Transliteration support is available in scim-m17n, so no major work left.
> Indlinux is planning to start work on the Indian typewriter layouts, so I'll
> be contributing to that anyway.


Does Xubuntu propose to use the language-packs used in Ubuntu ? If so, are
> any modifications required to the packages themselves ?

There was talk of including the xfce translations as part of the base
langpack as it only adds about 200Kb per language.
This is still blocked on inclusion of xfce stuff into main, which is blocked
on issues not directly related to us.
So if it all goes well, xfce translations should be updatable via rosetta
and language packs after dapper releases.
But it would still be good to have as much as possible translated before

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