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Thu Mar 2 18:38:10 UTC 2006

Gauvain and Daniele

for the plugins you are going to work on from now please do the following in
to normal tasks:
make sure that the installed .desktop file (in /usr/share/applications)
contains the following
entry as the last line
where package is replaced by the gettext domain of the package, and is most
of the times
the name of the executable it installs. That is usually the GETTEXT_DOMAIN
variable in the
Makefile in the po/ directory.

look at any of the recently uploaded changes by Martin Pitt .
$grep X-Ubuntu /usr/share/applications/*desktop
in a relatively recent dapper

in other words look at the basename of the .mo files the package installs.

This is needed so that after dapper is released (but even until then)
applications that parse desktop files
such as panels, menus filemanagers, can use translations which are not
inside the desktop file, but provided
separately in /usr/share/locale. So when translations are made in rosetta
and language packs get updated
the desktop files themselves do not need to be touched.
This needs the said parsing applications to know about this entry. Gnome is
patched in ubuntu and I may do this
for xfce before dapper since it doesn't sound hard. But even so, for the
apps we install (thunar, mousepad etc) having
the entries there makes the gnome menu be able to use their translations.

The existing packages and already uploaded plugins I'll take care for as I
upload other changes, but for new packages
please provide this from the start

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