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Fri Jun 9 20:45:23 UTC 2006

On 6/9/06, Gauvain Pocentek <gauvainpocentek at> wrote:
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> Olly Betts a écrit :
> > Gauvain Pocentek <gauvainpocentek at> writes:
> >> daniele favara a écrit :
> >>> please try xapian .. i love that stuff ... pinot and recoll are
> >>> using it
> >> I'll have a (other) look at the xapian packages. Shouldn't they
> >> be in debian? If we could sync them that'd be easier.
> >
> > I'm working on getting Xapian packages into Debian.  They're
> > actually not quite the same as Daniele's packages - the major
> > difference is that Daniele uses cdbs.  I'm not necessarily averse
> > to changing that, but I know debhelper reasonably well and I know
> > nothing about cdbs, so changing right now would be disruptive and
> > work against getting the packages into Debian.
> True. But if Xapian gets into debian, it'll be synced in ubuntu and
> Daniele's changes ill overridden.
> Do you know when Xapian could enter in debian (and get out of NEW)? If
> it's early enough in Edgy's development, I think we should wait for it.
> Daniele, what do you think?
> Gauvain

i think it's better to get them in ubuntu as soon as possible, then we
can sync with debian ... maybe i could work on this with olly ... so
he 'll have even the possibility to see how cdbs works and its

We could start having a bzr repo of the debian directories for each package.

If He'll be not happy with it ... we'll use debhelper no problems.

Olly ?

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