IceWM/Ubuntu Lite (Was: initial edgy plans)

Eero Tamminen oak at
Mon Jun 5 23:43:31 UTC 2006


On Monday 05 June 2006 19:31, Jani Monoses wrote:
> > I'm interested. Can we update to version 1.2.26 at the same time we
> > promote
> > Icewm from Universe --> Main? I'm assuming it would need to be in main
> > to be included on the CD.
> Sure, but as I said there needs to be somebody knowing and using IceWM
> and commited enough
> to spend time on getting it up-to-date, writing the main inclusion report
> for it, working on related packages etc.
> So updating to whatever debian has will happen when edgy opens and things
> start getting synced, the rest is
> the more work actually. Make sensible default settings, artwork,

IMHO the default settings are quite OK and Ubuntu specific gfx are just
a nice to have. Main point of IceWM would be the low memory usage. :-)

The menu structure and updating correct submenus when SW is installed
would need work though I think.

> integrate as much as possible with the ubuntu
> base system. For this ideally the developer would be a MOTU, thus having
> upload rights to handle all this until
> it gets into a good enough shape to be promoted in main and on the CD.

A nice thing would also be an installation option for starting the machine
logged directly to specified user's desktop.  If xdm/gdm would be skipped,
startup time and memory would be saved, but I assume this would be quite
a bit of work.

	- Eero

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