IceWM/Ubuntu Lite (Was: initial edgy plans)

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Mon Jun 5 14:04:42 UTC 2006

> The WM for Ubuntu-Lite is IceWM. Would it be worth adding this to
> Xubuntu? Certainly not to replace XFCE, but as a lighter alternative.
> I'm presuming there would be enough room on the cd for both; not sure
> how we could handle choosing Ice over XFCE during installation.

Yes, this I was thinking aloud about during Dapper as well, but noone
stepped up to
help out with IceWM or Fluxbox so it dit not get done.
It is understandable that Xfce is too heavy for some even lower powered hw
and having
something like feather/puppy + ubuntu repos would be a nice addition.

It needs to be thought of and acted on early in the edgy cycle though to get
enough time for thinking
of installation method changes, promotions to main, integration and testing.
It will not take up much of my resources because someone will have to take
over part of this work.
As for Cd space Ice/fluxbox are very light, that is not a concern.

In the past I have contacted the person maintaining the ubuntu/fluxbox howto
and indirectly the ubuntu lite
developers without being answered. Now I am asking again, if anyone is
interested in getting these desktops piggybacked over xubuntu let's start
talking early to not miss edgy. An entirely new CD w/o Xfce is conceivable
as well, so it is only the lightweight desktop and a very small image, but
that is a lot more effort both for those undertaking it
and for the canonical people building the CDs as it's a new project (time/hd
space/bandwidth/new code), so I'd say
for now let's think about them as bonus tracks on the Xubuntu CD :)

The main thing needed here would be getting these wm's and their core apps
updodate with upstream and debian,
and make a small metapackage for them and get them on CD.

We cannot make too fine grained package selections and too many metapackages
as it would be overkill.
Instead the main advantage is getting them on CD w/o need for net access if
someone want to try them out,
and getting them showcased on the liveCD.

So who's interested?

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