Default Audio Player for Xubuntu candidate

Ronnie Whisler mrwislr at
Mon Jun 5 05:52:13 UTC 2006

I am in favor of gmusicbrowser to be the default audio player for 
Xubuntu. This music player has a ton of features excellent looks. 
Extremely Lightweight. I am currently using the Queue, Library & Context 
layout but there is also iTunes like layout and quodlibet like layout 
and many more.


    * perl <>
    * gtk+2 <> and its perl bindings
    * gstreamer <> and its perl
      bindings <>  or  mpg321
      <>/amixer <--and you don't need
      them all if you don't want them all I'm using only mpg321 and
      ogg123 with gtk2 tray icon
    * (optional) the Gtk2::Trayicon
      module is needed to put an icon in the system tray
    * (optional) the Gtk2::MozEmbed
      module is needed for the MozEmbed plugin (used for wikipedia
      artist page and searching lyrics with google) (on some systems,
      may requires the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to be set to
      the mozilla lib path, "/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox-1.0.6/" on my system)

main features :

    * fast even with 10,000s of songs (developped with over 17000 songs
      on a duron800)
    * powerful browser which doesn't interfere with the playlist
    * artist/album lock : easily restrict playlist to current artist/album
    * easy access to songs related to the currently playing song
          o songs from the same album
          o album(s) from the same artist(s)
          o songs with same title (other versions, covers, ...)
    * support ogg vorbis, mp3 and flac files (and mpc with gstreamer)
    * fully featured tag editor (support all id3 versions, limited
      support for APE & lyrics3 tags)
    * simple mass-tagging and mass-renaming
    * support multiple genres for a song
    * support multiple artists for each song by separating them with '&'
    * customizable named 'flags' can be set for each song (ex : bootleg,
      live, -'s favorites, ...)
    * filter history in the browser window
    * filters with unlimited nesting of conditions
    * customizable weighted random mode (based on rating, last time
      played, flag, ...)
    * tray icon, with tip window
    * customizable window layouts (layout documentation draft
    * plugin system (experimental), included plugins :
          o nowplaying (to update an external program when the playing
            song changes)
          o <>
          o fetch cover from google image
          o simple lyrics
          o MozEmbed : use the mozilla engine to display wikipedia
            artist page and search lyrics with google

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