Illés János ijanos at
Sun Jun 4 22:46:22 UTC 2006


Another strange issue, i'm not sure it's xubuntu related:

Looks like ncurses based apps acts strange to when I press my
numpad_plus under X.
I have a laptop, so i don't have a real numpad :( but i have a key
called Fn and i have the numpad's keys on the normal keyboard with
blue and I can acces them two ways:
-press Fn+<the key i want> (it took ages to get used to it)
-press Fn+NumLock and then i can use them without Fn while the numlock
is "turned on"

So the first way does not work in X terminals (i tired xterm and
xfce-terminal) in ncurses based applications (ncmpc,aptitude).
- the key works in gui programs, Fn+<É> draws a "+" everywhere.
- the key works in terminals under X, is draws "+" correctly
- the key does not work in (for eg.) aptitude. So a started a search
dialog in it and press again and it writes this when I press the +:
"^[Ok" without the quotation marks. I got this string in the input
field every time I press the keys.
- I CAN write + in these applications with the second way (Numlock on)
- It WORKS in VTx (Ctrl+Alt+Fx) with ncurses based programs.
- the two ways should generate the same signal.

So the problem is X related AND it wasn't exists in my previous ubuntu
install (5.10).
I installed xbindkeys and caught the two methods of pressing the + key.

ijanos at lapitopi:~$ xbindkeys -mk
Press combination of keys or/and click under the window.
You can use one of the two lines after "NoCommand"
in $HOME/.xbindkeysrc to bind a key.

--- Press "q" to stop. ---
    m:0x0 + c:86
    m:0x10 + c:77
    Mod2 + Num_Lock
    m:0x10 + c:86
    Mod2 + KP_Add
    m:0x10 + c:24
    Mod2 + q

It seems the plus key has a "Mod2 +" when i'm using it with numlock turned on.

ps: oh, I almost forget: all of numpad's keys do this, i writing plus
everywhere because it started with that I'm cannot fn+é to install a
package in aptitude.


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