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Ronniew Whisler wrote:
> Ok this is why I believe that gtk-totem is an excellent choice. I have
> read all the negatives but let me explain some of the positives and
> disban some of the negatives. First Totem is no more bloated than any

I agree; I don't think totem is "bloated", but one's initial perception
can't be discounted.

> other video player that handles as many formats. Second Gxine is a joke
> and the gxine firefox plugin is an even bigger laugh. That thing isn't

I understand this discussion forum is for opinions, but as we're
attempting to evaluate xfmedia /replacements/, please attach significant
evidence "validating" your opinion. I'm sure Darren Salt, who helped
tremendously with gxine in Dapper, would like to know of purported

> ex.: Quod Libet ) Ignoring gstreamer because you don't like totem will
> be a giant mistake for Xubuntu. Using or embracing gstreamer will also


> As for xfmedia? Why waste anymore time on it. Its got to go. Its
> terrible. It doesn't play radio streams. (at least easily) It doesn't
> play cd's, it doesn't have a library manager for music and it doesn't
> have a plugin for firefox. Totem and the firefox plugin plus gstreamer

I'd be careful not to make my use cases /the/ use cases. :-)

> for backend operations for all types of video / audio programs just
> makes sense and would also releave some strain on developers as well.

This argument above is the strongest one for including GSt. By including
a platform used by at least two of the largest desktop environments, we
contribute to coverage, which is important from a testing perspective at

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